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The Gallery at Indian Hill

Colleen Pearce: Unfurled

Monotypes and more
On view March-April

Location: Camilla Blackman Hall at Indian Hill Music
36 King Street, Littleton MA

General Exhibit Hours: M-F 9am-8pm; Sat. 8am-4pm*

Artist Reception: Friday, April 13 from 5-7pm

*PLEASE NOTE: Contact Indian Hill before planning your visit as there could be an event in our gallery space: 978.486.9524 (press 0). The works are available for purchase; inquire at Indian Hill Music or contact the artist.

About the Artist:

Colleen Pearce believes in deepening our humanity by offering an immersive art experience inspired by nature. She considers her first education to be from her family’s farm in Michigan. She completed a BFA from Tufts University, a diploma in fine arts from the Museum School of Fine Arts, and recently she earned an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has been a guest lecturer on the development of art in children at deCordova and Tufts, and she has been the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Grant. Currently Colleen enriches the lives of children by teaching art in the Lincoln Public Schools. She has exhibited across New England including The Saco Musuem, New Hampshire Art Institute Biennial, the Fitchburg Art Museum, Concord Art, MassArt, B.U, Great Bay Community College, and Boston City Hall.

Artist Statement:

My art is deeply, inextricably connected to the nature I see around me. From the time I was a very young child, the natural world has been my refuge. Whether crushing juniper berries that smelled like my parent’s gin into pemmican mud pies or drawing on my stealth, to tiptoe undetected through the backyard, imagining my pink slippers were moccasins, and evading imagined danger while searching for bugs under leaf debris. Years later, I’d tromp to a clearing in a towering stand of white pines down the road from our farm. The trees were so dense and dark that you had to know your way. In my moon boots and long down coat I’d flop backwards into the deep snow. The air crisp, the moon bright, I never felt more at peace anywhere in the world. I used to think of my life as the tree, strong, yet supple, growing through the seasons, leaves coming and going. Now that I am 60, I wonder if I was wrong. Perhaps my life is more akin to the leaf, and the tree will live on long after my season is finished. I see our country using up resources we should be securing for generations to come. Our culture pressures us to consume more, achieve more, take everything we can for ourselves, no matter the burden we pawn off on our children. As we grab all we can, we refuse to see our wanton use of fossil fuels as the destruction of our climate. We act as if we are each the tree and not just the leaf, whose purpose is to support the tree. It is easy to forget that the tree existed long before our time here, and will live on, well beyond us. It’s reassuring really to think there is something more enduring than my life, which seems to be a playing out in a flash. My time in this forest is brief. From green shoots of new energy, to being the transfer station that changes sunlight into fuel, and even after my fall, I am seeding continued life. And there is hope in that.

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