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Jennifer Coleman Dowling: Nature's Window

Traditional and digital media:
On view March 4 thru April 27

Location: Camilla Blackman Hall at Indian Hill Music, 36 King St., Littleton MA

General Exhibit Hours: M-F 9am-8pm; Sat. 8am-4pm*

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*PLEASE NOTE: Contact Indian Hill before planning your visit as there could be an event in our gallery space: 978.486.9524 (press 0). The works are available for purchase; inquire at Indian Hill Music or contact the artist.

Artist Statement:

I have always felt a strong connection between the natural world and my innate spirituality. Year-round I spend time taking photographs outdoors. Flowers, grass, water, ice, stones, berries, branches, leaves, and bark are precious and unique entities that also appear to me as meditative visual surfaces.

My artwork addresses universal themes that revolve around natural subjects, and I regularly take micro photographs using my 35mm camera with lens magnification filters. Seeing up close challenges my perspective and forces me to notice the intricacies of our world. Such details in nature evolve into the forms, textures, and colors feed into my art but are also the basis of it. Scale plays a role, as it is a reminder of the grand scheme by which one thing influences another, both big and small. My mixed media artwork is a reflection of these curiosities.

Most often, I create original works of art using conventional approaches, such as drawing, painting, and printmaking. My artistic techniques involve many steps, and ultimately change and adapt with each new piece. If it warrants supplementary experimentation, I scan or photograph my artwork to further develop it on the computer. At other times, I look for ways to combine my digitally manipulated images with fine art methods, and the culmination is a digital/traditional mixed media hybrid. Making use of my numerous photographs, I might layer and manipulate the images in Photoshop, after which I print them on textured paper or canvas and create an overlay using pastels, colored pencils, watercolor, and acrylic paints. This process allows me to combine my penchant for traditional artistic materials with innovative digital techniques. - Jennifer

About the Artist:

Jennifer Coleman Dowling is an experienced educator, designer, artist, and writer. She is a Professor at Framingham State University where she teaches courses in visual communication, animation, advertising, and graphic design. As an artist, Dowling creates nature-based art with an emphasis on color, texture, and form. Her work utilizes traditional media, such as watercolor, acrylic paint, pastel, and colored pencil, some of which is combined with digital manipulation techniques. She strives for an authenticity in each piece so that the final result represents a unique entity. She is also an author who wrote and illustrated the book Multimedia Demystified, published by McGraw-Hill in 2012. Learn more

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