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Youth Wind Ensemble

Excellence together! Join the region's most motivated young musicians and play in our regional concert band.

Join a select set of young artists whose talents and goals are exceptional! Under the expert leadership of Simon Andrews, you’ll be challenged to grow and develop as a musician. Hone your reading skills, improve your technique and intonation, and explore the rich wind ensemble literature. Open to players in grades 7 – 12 by audition.

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This program is generously supported by Claudia Castro
and the Faulkner family.

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FREE ENSEMBLE PREVIEWS – For interested new students who would like to try out our ensemble before deciding to audition and join. Contact the Class & Ensemble Manager to schedule your free preview.


Work with composer, performer, conductor, and educator Simon Andrews to develop your craft and improve all aspects of your playing.


NEW! Advanced level woodwinds, brass, and percussion students can play in both the Youth Wind Ensemble and the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra.

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Prepare and perform in two public concerts during the school year: January and May.


Receive exclusive FREE benefits to deepen your music education experience, from masterclasses to admission to Orchestra of Indian Hill concerts.

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Schedule & Tuition

Program & Audition Details

Student Eligibility and Auditions:

The Indian Hill Youth Wind Ensemble is designed for highly motivated woodwind, brass, and percussion students in grades 7 – 12  seeking an advanced level ensemble experience. Younger students with high level playing skills may be allowed to participate with permission of the Director. Three years of prior playing experience is recommended. Participants do not have to take private lessons at Indian Hill Music, but do need to participate in their school’s band program if offered.

Auditions for the 2021-22 school year will be done by submitting an audition application and a video recording. See guidelines for various instruments.

Prospective new members should: (1) complete the Youth Wind Ensemble Audition Application, and (2) post a video recording to your personal YouTube channel (or in a similar format which can be viewed through a shared link) with a link sent to the Class & Ensemble Manager. Please be sure to set permissions for the video as “public” so that it can be shared with the ensemble director for evaluation.

2021 Audition Schedule:
  • “Early Bird” Auditions for new members: June 1 – 30
  • Fall General Auditions: August 15 – September 15

NEW! PREMIER ENSEMBLE EXPERIENCE – Dual membership for select winds and percussion students

Looking for a special challenge? Advanced level woodwinds, brass, and percussion students are invited to consider our Premier Ensemble Experience – elite membership in both our Youth Wind Ensemble and the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra of our youth orchestra program. Each ensemble provides an essential educational opportunity for young artists through the preparation and performance of the extensive literature of the greatest composers of the past and present.

Both ensembles rehearse on Wednesday evenings to simplify scheduling for dual members. The Wind Ensemble meets from 5:15 to 6:45 pm, and then dual ensemble members will participate in the first portion of the Orchestra rehearsal from 7:00 to 7:45 pm. Occasional sectional rehearsals are scheduled after rehearsals under the guidance of teaching artists from the Music School and Orchestra of Indian Hill. Both groups will also share concert dates through the school year so students will benefit from a large, combined audience for performances.

Membership is by audition. See audition information or contact Class & Ensemble Manager for more information.

Audition Guidelines:

Woodwinds and Brass:

– Students should prepare material that displays their technical and lyrical abilities — two separate pieces or two contrasting movements of the same piece.
– Junior/Senior District audition solos (or the equivalent) are preferred.
– Brass players will be asked to demonstrate their ranges.
– Scales: Major scales to 3 sharps and 3 flats; 1 octave minimum
– Students should pick 2 scales that display the widest range (number of octaves) possible.


– Students should prepare a piece that demonstrates their abilities on their primary instrument (snare, timpani, or mallets).
– Students may audition for multiple instruments (i.e., snare and mallets, snare and timpani, etc.)
– Junior/Senior District audition solos (or the equivalent) are preferred.

Seasonal Concerts 2022

Our various youth ensembles will prepare and perform in public performances during the school year in January and May at Indian Hill Music, 36 King Street, Littleton MA.

Concert Date: Wednesday, January 26
Meet at 7:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:45 pm
Concert Date: Monday, February 7
Meet at 6:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:00 pm
Concert Date: Wednesday, February 16
Meet at 5:15 pm for warm-up
Concert at 6:00 pm
Concert Date: Wednesday, February 16
Meet at 7:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:45 pm

Concerts are FREE and open to the public. Read current COVID-19 protocols here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tuition is $395 for the school year. Students may join the program at any time (with pro-rated tuition), by audition. For students in the Premier Ensemble Experience, a special reduced fee of $112.50 is added (total $507.50) for membership in Sinfonia Concert Orchestra.

Financial Aid

Need-based scholarships are available for all of our programs. Scholarship applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please complete the scholarship application form before enrolling, and then wait for our award confirmation, which will include instructions on how to enroll. All information provided to us is strictly confidential.


All woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments are eligible. Woodwind and brass students must own or have access to their own instruments. For percussion students: all necessary instruments will be provided by Indian Hill, but students must provide their own sticks and mallets.

Rehearsal Schedule

The ensemble meets on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:45 pm from late September through May. We do not offer makeup classes when rehearsals have to be cancelled due to snow days or other emergencies. In the event of Director illness, we will do our best to provide a substitute conductor for the rehearsal.

Practice Requirements

Regular home practice is required, as the music will be challenging and rehearsals will focus on ensemble playing and interpretation of the written material.

Attendance Requirements

Unexcused absences are not allowed from rehearsals, dress rehearsals, or concerts. Students are allowed one (1) excused absence for each of the two concert semesters. Examples of commitments and circumstances which can be eligible as excused absences: district/regional/state music festivals and competitions, school concerts and dress rehearsals in which the student is performing, family emergencies, prolonged illness, observance of major religious holidays. Members of each ensemble are required to attend all dress rehearsals and concerts unless excused by the Director. At the discretion of the Director, students who miss a dress rehearsal may not be allowed to perform in the concert.

In-School Band Programs

Members are expected to participate in their school’s band program if one is offered. The Indian Hill Youth Wind Ensemble is considered extra-curricular, and is not intended to replace a school’s band program for any student. If there are extraordinary circumstances preventing an Indian Hill Youth Wind Ensemble student or potential student from participating in their school’s band program, the family should contact Indian Hill’s Class & Ensemble Manager.

COVID-19 Protocols

All of Indian Hill Music’s in-person programs will follow appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols. Learn more