Indian Hill Music
Youth Choruses

Grow in harmony! Join the region's premier youth chorus with three ensembles for young singers age 4-13.

Singing together creates
confidence, connection, and joy!

Under the direction of award-winning and engaging choral conductor Kathy McMinn, young singers will learn healthy vocal technique and musicianship skills in an enjoyable class experience grouped by age. Open to ages 4 – 13. New members welcome anytime! No experience necessary.

You Are Invited to Our Open Rehearsals!

NEXT OPEN ENROLLMENT – JANUARY 11 and 18 – For interested new students who would like to try out our ensemble before deciding to join. Come sit in and sing, or just observe. Prelude 4:30-5:00; Lyrica 5:15-6:00; Harmonia 6:15-7:30. Sign Up Here!


Ages 4 - 5
October - May


Ages 6 - 9
October - May


Ages 10 - 13
October - May

Schedule & Tuition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Youth Choruses

Our choral program is open to all children and youth ages 4-13 without audition. Music and activities for each chorus level are chosen to be developmentally appropriate for each age group. New members can join at the beginning of each concert cycle. New member dates can be found on the Calendar below.


$275 for Prelude, $350 for Lyrica, and $495 for Harmonia for the school year. Tuition must be paid at registration. Students joining later into the program will receive pro-rated tuition amounts.

Financial Aid

Need-based scholarships are available for all of our programs. Scholarship applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please complete the scholarship application form before enrolling, and then wait for our award confirmation, which will include instructions on how to enroll. All information provided to us is strictly confidential.

Calendar 2021-2022

FALL SESSION – starts October 5, 2021

  • Open Rehearsals – October 5 and 12 (bring a friend! try it out!)
  • Dress Rehearsal – November 30
  • Concert – Sunday, December 5 (more info)

WINTER SESSION – starts January 11, 2022


SPRING SESSION – starts March 29, 2022


Rehearsal Schedule

The Youth Choruses meet weekly on Tuesdays from October through May. Prelude Chorus meets from 4:30-5:00 pm, Lyrica Chorus from 5:00-5:45 pm and Harmonia Chorus from 5:45-7:00 pm. We do not offer makeup classes when rehearsals have to be cancelled due to snow days or other emergencies. In the event of Director illness, we will do our best to provide a substitute conductor for the rehearsal.

Rehearsal Observation

Because children can be easily distracted we request that parents wait outside the rehearsal hall. We have a comfortable waiting area in our Main Lobby with free Wi-Fi for your convenience (when COVID-related restrictions are not in effect). Parents may request permission from the Director to observe a rehearsal at any time.

Practice Requirements

Some home practice may be required by the Director.

Attendance Requirements

Unexcused absences are not allowed from rehearsals, dress rehearsals, or concerts. Students are allowed one (1) excused absence for each of the three concert semesters. Examples of commitments and circumstances which can be eligible as excused absences: school concerts and dress rehearsals in which the student is performing, family emergencies, prolonged illness, observance of major religious holidays. Members of each ensemble are required to attend all dress rehearsals and concerts unless excused by the Director. At the discretion of the Director, students who miss a dress rehearsal may not be allowed to perform in the concert.

Dress Rehearsals

Dress rehearsals are the final run-through rehearsal before a performance. It is not necessary to come in concert dress. Attendance at dress rehearsals is required for all students. Group rehearsal times will overlap on dress rehearsal days in order to prepare combined repertory. The schedule for dress rehearsal days will be sent to parents at least two weeks prior to rehearsal.

Concert Information

This school term, the Youth Choruses concerts will be held on Sundays, and divided into three 30-minute performance segments. Prelude chorus performs from 1:30-2:00 pm, Lyrica from 2:30-3:00 pm, and Harmonia from 3:30-4:00 pm. Students should arrive 15 minutes before performance times for warm-up. 

Due to COVID protocols and fire safety regulations attendance in Blackman Hall is strictly limited to 100 people (including student performers). 

In-School Choral Programs

Members are expected to participate in their school’s choral program if one is offered. The Indian Hill Music Youth Choruses are considered extra-curricular, and are not intended to replace a school’s choral program for any student.

COVID-19 Protocols

All of Indian Hill Music’s in-person programs will follow appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols. Learn more