Indian Hill Music Youth Orchestras

Excellence together! Join the region's finest young musicians and play in our multi-level orchestra program.

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FREE ENSEMBLE PREVIEWS – For interested new students who would like to try out our ensemble before deciding to audition and join. Contact the Class & Ensemble Manager to schedule your free preview.

As a member of the Indian Hill Music Youth Orchestras, you’ll be given the opportunity and tools to realize your fullest artistic potential while sharing in an ensemble experience with other like-minded and skilled young musicians. You’ll work with our top conductors and coaches to develop your technical and ensemble skills through the study and performance of the world’s finest musical literature. Open to developing, intermediate, and advanced level players in grades 1 – 12, by audition. 


Work with our master conductors, faculty, and Orchestra of Indian Hill musicians in weekly sectionals and full-group rehearsals to develop your craft and improve all aspects of your playing.


NEW! Advanced level woodwinds, brass, and percussion students can play in both the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra and the Youth Wind Ensemble.

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Prepare and perform in two public concerts during the school year: January and May.


Receive exclusive FREE benefits to deepen your music education experience, from masterclasses to admission to Orchestra of Indian Hill concerts.

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Concert Orchestra

Full orchestra for advanced level strings, winds, brass, and percussion

Chris Thibdeau
music director & conductor


Intermediate level
string ensemble

Deanna Leedy-Andreozzi
music director & conductor


Advanced beginner level
string ensemble

Simon Andrews
music director & conductor

Schedule & Tuition

Program & Audition Details

For New Members and Current Members wishing to move up:

If you’re a new member or a current member ready to move up to the next level ensemble (Chamber to Camerata, or Camerata to Sinfonia), you will audition by submitting an audition application and a video recording. Auditions include scales for strings and winds, and two contrasting pieces indicative of your current playing level. See audition dates and requirements below. 

Please post your video recording to your personal YouTube channel (or in a similar format which can be viewed through a shared link) with a link sent to the Class & Ensemble Manager. Please be sure to set permissions for the video as “public” so that it can be shared with the Youth Orchestra directors for evaluation.

In most cases, you will receive results of your audition within a week to 10 days of submission. Decisions about instruments like winds which have limited openings in the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra may be delayed until an audition period is completed and all students of the instrument have been evaluated.

NEW! PREMIER ENSEMBLE EXPERIENCE – Dual membership for select winds and percussion students

Looking for a special challenge? Advanced level woodwinds, brass, and percussion students are invited to consider our Premier Ensemble Experience – elite membership in both our Youth Wind Ensemble and the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra of our youth orchestra program. Each ensemble provides an essential educational opportunity for young artists through the preparation and performance of the extensive literature of the greatest composers of the past and present.

Both ensembles rehearse on Wednesday evenings to simplify scheduling for dual members. The Wind Ensemble meets from 5:15 to 6:45 pm, and then dual ensemble members will participate in the first portion of the Orchestra rehearsal from 7:00 to 7:45 pm. Occasional sectional rehearsals are scheduled after rehearsals under the guidance of teaching artists from the Music School and Orchestra of Indian Hill. Both groups will also share concert dates through the school year so students will benefit from a large, combined audience for performances.

Membership is by audition. See audition information or contact Class & Ensemble Manager for more information.

For Current Youth Orchestra Members:

Once you have auditioned and been accepted into one of the ensembles of the Youth Orchestra, you do not need to audition again if you plan to stay in your current ensemble. 

Registration and payment of the tuition is required every year a student is a member of the ensemble.

2021-2022 Student Handbook – coming soon!

Seasonal Concerts 2022

Our various youth ensembles will prepare and perform in public performances during the school year in January and May at Indian Hill Music, 36 King Street, Littleton MA.

Concert Date: Wednesday, January 26
Meet at 7:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:45 pm
Concert Date: Monday, February 7
Meet at 6:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:00 pm
Concert Date: Wednesday, February 16
Meet at 5:15 pm for warm-up
Concert at 6:00 pm
Concert Date: Wednesday, February 16
Meet at 7:00 pm for warm-up
Concert at 7:45 pm

Concerts are FREE and open to the public. Read current COVID-19 protocols here.

Video Audition Dates:

Plan to submit your audition video during these dates

    • Winter Auditions – January 3-February 15, 2022
    • Fall Auditions – August 15-September 15, 2022

Audition Application – please complete this form before submitting your video!

Audition Requirements:

Your pieces should be chosen in consultation with your teacher from the standard solo literature for your instrument.
SCALES: Pick 2 scales which demonstrate the range (number of octaves) and difficulty (number of sharps or flats) you are capable of.

Advanced Level Full Orchestra

Scales: 3 octave Major scales to 3 sharps/flats
2 octave scales for Bass
Pieces: 2 solo works or 2 movements from the same work in contrasting style

Woodwinds, Brass
Scales: 2 octave Major scales to 3 sharps/flats, chromatic scale
Pieces: 2 solo works or 2 movements from the same work in contrasting style

Timpani: knowledge of tuning, ability to play on at least three drums
Standard orchestral percussion: Snare Drum, Bass drum, Cymbals (Crash, Suspended), Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Triangle
Pieces: solo pieces on two of the following: Timpani, Snare Drum, Mallets

Pieces: 2 solo works or 2 movements from the same work in contrasting style

Intermediate Level String Orchestra

Minimum Suzuki Book 2 – 4 or ASTA CAP Level 2 – 4
2 pieces in contrasting style
Violin: 2 octave C, G, D, A, Bb; 1 octave E, F
Viola: 2 octave C, D, F; 1 octave A
Cello: 2 octave C, D; 1 octave F, A
Bass: 1 octave F, G, C

Beginning Level String Orchestra

Minimum Suzuki Book 1 completed or ASTA CAP Level 1 – 2
2 pieces in contrasting style
Violin: 1 octave A, D; 2 octave G
Viola: 1 octave G, D; 2 octave C
Cello: 1 octave G, D, F; 2 octave C
Bass: 1 octave F, G

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Youth Orchestra program?

Membership in the Youth Orchestra program is open to all students in Grades K-12 by video audition. Chamber Strings and Camerata are string ensembles, and Sinfonia is full orchestra, open to strings, winds, brass, and percussion students. See auditions section for details. Students are strongly urged to take private lessons, but there is no requirement to take lessons at Indian Hill Music.

Do I have to play in my school orchestra?

Members are required to participate in their school’s orchestra or band program if one is offered. Indian Hill’s large ensembles are considered extra-curricular, and are not intended to replace a school ensemble for any student. If there are extraordinary circumstances preventing a student from participating in school band or orchestra the family should contact Indian Hill’s Class & Ensemble Manager.

What does the program cost?

Tuition is for the school year (September through May):
Chamber Strings – $395
Camerata Strings – $525
Sinfonia Concert Orchestra – $525 for strings; $225 for woodwinds/brass/percussion
Advanced Dual Track – $112.50 for Youth Orchestra plus $395 for Youth Wind Ensemble ($507.50 total)

If a student starts after the beginning of the school year tuition will be pro-rated.

>> Other Fees
There is a $25 audition fee for new members or current members who wish to move up to the next level ensemble. Concert tickets are $10 each for adult 18 and over, free to children and youth under 18 years of age.

Is financial aid available?

Need-based scholarships are available for all of our programs. Scholarship applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please complete the scholarship application form before enrolling, and then wait for our award confirmation, which will include instructions on how to enroll. All information provided to us is strictly confidential.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

All of Indian Hill Music’s in-person programs will follow appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols. Learn more

Do you provide instruments?

Woodwind, brass, and string students must own or have access to an instrument. Percussion instruments will be provided by Indian Hill for rehearsals and concerts; students must provide their own sticks and mallets.

What is the schedule for rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held weekly on Mondays in Blackman Hall for Chamber Strings (4:45-5:45 pm) and Camerata (6:00-7:30 pm). Sinfonia Concert Orchestra meets on Wednesdays in Blackman Hall (7:00-8:45 pm for strings, 7:00-7:45 for winds/percussion). We do not offer makeup classes when rehearsals have to be cancelled due to snow days or other emergencies. In the event of Director illness, we will do our best to provide a substitute conductor for the rehearsal. >> Sectionals – Info coming soon.

Is practice outside of rehearsals required?

Regular home practice is required, as the music will be challenging and rehearsals will focus on ensemble playing and interpretation of the written material. Students are strongly urged to share their orchestra music with their private lesson teacher to work on difficult passages.

What are the attendance rules?

Unexcused absences are not allowed from rehearsals, dress rehearsals, or concerts. Students are allowed one (1) excused absence for each of the three concert semesters. Examples of commitments and circumstances which can be eligible as excused absences: district/regional/state music festivals and competitions, school concerts and dress rehearsals in which the student is performing, family emergencies, prolonged illness, observance of major religious holidays. Members of each ensemble are required to attend all dress rehearsals and concerts unless excused by the Director. At the discretion of the Director, students who miss a dress rehearsal may not be allowed to perform in the concert.

How did the youth orchestra program begin?

The Indian Hill Music Youth Orchestra (formerly Nashoba Youth Orchestra at Indian Hill Music) was founded through the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, Mass. as The Nashoba Youth Orchestra in 2004 by a dedicated group of professional musicians, music educators, performers, and parents who shared a common vision for a high-quality youth orchestra located in the Nashoba Valley, which would serve the needs of motivated musicians throughout the region. After ten successful years as an independent youth orchestra, in 2014, the orchestra became a part of Indian Hill Music.

This program is generously supported by: