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Gaby Cotter


Studies in Music & Fine Arts: Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí, Universidad de Panamá, and Berklee College of Music


Gaby Cotter is a Panamanian singer, songwriter, and educator with a mellow voice and a strong stage presence. Raised in Los Algarrobos, a small town in Panamá, her mother taught her how to play the guitar when she was 14 years old. After her first vocal mentor, Wanda Castillo, invited her to be part of the prestigious polyphonic choir, A Viva Voz, Gaby performed with diverse choral groups, such as the Boca Chiusa Choir and the Bach Foundation. In her professional vocal career, she performed as part of Andrea Bocelli’s choir during his first concert in Panama, served as Assistant Director of the Choir of the Universidad de Panamá, and worked with Fundación FELARO, an association to teach music to children of limited resources. Over the last 10 years, Gaby has performed in concerts around the world, from Spain to Boston, sharing the stage with Aida Cuevas, Sonia Olla e Ismael Fernández, Victor “Vitín” Paz, Ariacne Trujillo, Huevito Lobatón, El Piraña Suarez, and John Benitez, among others. In addition to making recordings that mix several musical genres (Jazz, Bolero, Salsa, Son, and Bossa Nova), she performs locally with her band, The Timba Messengers.

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