Are you ready to ROCK? If you’ve always wanted to be in a band, wait no longer! Join us in person at Summer Jams!

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One Week: August 2-6, 2021

9am – 4pm | Mon – Fri

Ages 10 – 15

Grouped by age and experience.

NOTE: All of Indian Hill Music’s in-person summer programs will strictly follow COVID-19 safety protocols. Learn more

Summer Jams

It’s better in a band! Sharpen your skills as a rock musician, and learn to use recording techniques, apps, and audio equipment to enhance your performances. We will cover all the bases as you learn and perform classic and contemporary rock hits, plus instrument technique, ensemble skills, arrangement, balance, segues, cues, changes, and more!

The focus of the day changes frequently as students work in various groupings – ensembles, instrument groups, and one-on-one with the instructor. The students will be video recorded at the end of the week, and the combined program will be available to share with family and friends.

Open to guitar, bass, keyboard, drums*, and voice students. One year of lessons or equivalent experience required. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have reached the maximum for drum student registrations. To be placed on the waiting list, please contact the Class & Ensemble Manager.

Tuition: $425

Other Fees: for vocal or instrumental students who will be singing with their band we will provide specially-designed choral masks for a fee of $25.
Scholarships are available for all Music School programs

Daily Schedule:

  • 8:45-9:00 – Student Check-In
  • 9:00-11:45 – Band Rehearsals, Listening Sessions, Instrument Technique, Ensemble Technique, Song Selection, and more…
  • 11:45-12:15 – Lunch Break
  • 12:15-4:00 – Band Rehearsals, Individual Coaching, Recording and Band Equipment Training, Rock Styles Survey
  • 4:00-4:15 – Student Check-Out


We will implement health and safety COVID-19 protocols for all of our summer programming. Some of our rules will include:

  • Mandatory mask-wearing at all times.
  • Six-foot physical distancing at all times.
  • Students in programs with larger enrollments will be assigned staggered arrival/departure times.
  • Thorough and regular cleaning of common surfaces.
  • Pianos/Keyboards and drum kits which may be used by multiple students will be sanitized in between usage.
  • Air purification units and/or other air filtering in all teaching spaces.
  • Frequent handwashing/sanitizing.
  • Short classes/rehearsals and regular breaks where the students will be outside.
  • and more… 

A complete list of the measures we will take, along with your responsibilities when in our building can be found one our COVID page.

In order to allow singing in the Jams program, we will have choral masks for any student (vocal or instrumental) who wants to sing with their band. These masks are designed to contain any aerosols or water droplets, and to provide extra space around the nose and mouth for ease in breathing and tone production. Choral masks are washable and reusable. If a student loses or damages their mask during the program and needs a replacement, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.

Students should have good basic playing skills with one year of private lessons or equivalent experience. Summer Jams faculty will evaluate new students on the first day of the program for placement in a band according to skill level and area of interest. Students should be prepared to play one or two familiar rock songs to demonstrate their ability.

If the instruments are appropriate to the music being learned and played, students can play multiple instruments in the program. This information should be shared with faculty on the first day or preferably before the program begins so instructors can plan accordingly. Please note that, with the exception of piano/keyboard and drums, students must provide their own instruments. Pianos and drums will be sanitized in-between each student use.

The students in Summer Jams will have ample time throughout the day to practice and play. Home practice is not required but song selections by the bands may require some homework to prepare. 

Yes. It is important that band members can rely on each other from the first rehearsal through the final recordings. We cannot offer makeup classes or refunds for missed days.

For safety reasons, we will record the bands at the end of the week, then compile and provide a video recording for students and families to share,

Questions? Call (978) 486-9524 or email the Class & Ensemble Manager